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Item No.: SKD-1325SAII
CNC Stonework Engraving Machine
SKD-1325SAII heavy-structure stone engraving machine, is widely used in stone processing, mining, stone handicrafts and other industries, The machine can process a variety of stone and mineral materials, such as marble, granite, sandstone, terrazzo, plaster, etc. 

1. X,Y,Z axis are specially protected by complete dust-prevent set-up to ensure the rails and gears from damaged by the dust that produced while working and lengthen life of the parts.
2. The lathe welded use high-quality steel, by secondary quenching processing and upright, support plate, using aluminum cast process that ensures the high stability.

3. Z axis adopts Taiwan TBI original coarse pitch precise rubbing screw rod, high precision transmission.

4. High performance inverter, high frequency electronic anti-jamming system.
5.  Equip LEDSHINE large power stepping drive motor, Y axis chosen Taiwan imported 25mm straight moving rails, smoothly running, without maintain, long used.

6. Using high accurate pinion and rack transmission. The highest speed is 30m/min. It can clearly engrave the 1mm small word.

7. Spindle use 5.5 KW water-cooling spindle, 6000-24000 rot/min, fit for long time producing in the stone working line.

8. Water tank for water cycle, the water tank can collect the water which are used to cool down the stone during the engraving.

9. Standard configuration with direct connection cable lines, soft metal cable sheath, avoid the cable damage situation from the press & bump effectively.

10. Cable adopts YC numerical control machine shielding line, can reciprocate eight million times.

11. Advanced industrial controlling system (NC studio control system) is compatible to many dictate formats that can operate sfter accident or next day processing so it is very convenient.
Technology Parameters:
X,Y working travel 1300*2500mm
Z working travel 300mm
Resolution 0.025mm
Engraving Commend HPGL, G code, .u00*. mmg* .plt
Software Operation Environment Win98/2000/xp
Voltage AC380V/50Hz/
Spindle 5.5 KW water-cooling (optional other power spindle)
Controlling system NC studio (optional Taiwan SYNTEC)
Working mode Stepper
Spindle rotating speed 6000-24000rpm/min
Transmission TBI screw rod, PMI 25mm liner rail
Working table T-shot aluminium table
Electrical system Schneider electric components
Other Water circulation and water proof system for stone material
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