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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 300W
  • Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 300W

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 300W

Item No.: FC-1325FLC 300W
Domestic 300W Fiber laser generator and au3tech cutting head
Chengdu Leetro controlling system
Independent research and development gantry type lathe bed structure, with high strength overall welding to machine bed, 600 degrees high temperature tempering to avoid the bed frame deformation;
Both rack and aluminum double working table;
Whole casting gantry, precision machining, rigidity, stability is good. The weight of machine is 1.5T.
The rack and rail are imported with high precision. Also equipped with dust removal, lubrication system, feed material devices.
High precision and speed, it can cutting 3mm steel plate, 2mm stainless steel.

Main Specification:

Motor: Panasonic servo, X axis 0.75KW, Y axis: 0.4KW, Z axis: 0.1KW;
Reducer: APEX (Taiwan) super high precision great torque reducer, 1 arc precision. Improving  dynamic properties with ensure high precision;
Rail: Hiwin( Taiwan) precision level P;
Rack: Henrion (Germany) high precision rack;
Cutting head: au3tech C5,the focus is convenient,the structure is compact and portable, and it  matched with the FTC9105 independent capacitor;
Controlling system:Based on PC motion controller MPC6595 and control software Lasercut5.3 which are the same design from the same manufacturer, perfect match, is a set excellent laser cutting control system;
Cooling system: CW-6000 high precision industrial chiller,10286BTU/h refrigeration volume,to achieve good cooling 24 hours continuous, the liquid crystal display temperature control state.



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