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CNC Nesting Production Line for Panel Funiture
  • CNC Nesting Production Line for Panel Funiture

CNC Nesting Production Line for Panel Funiture

Item No.: FC-E6
CNC Nesting Production Line for Panel Funiture
Main Specification:
  • The heavy steel structure welding tempering lathe bed, five sides gantry machining center CNC processing.
  • Taiwan SYNTEC high speed and high precision CNC customization system
  • Italian imported 9.5KW ATC spindle+9 vertical CNC drilling group
  • Standard 8 large capacity change tool magazines+5 high efficiency composite tool magazines
  • INOVANCE/DELTA high performance frequency conversion system+military quality anti jamming system.
  • Taiwan original linear guide rail+grinding rack and pinion+Taiwan APEX precision reducer transmission
  • Japanese Yaskawa bus absolute value servo drive system+French Schneider, Taiwan AirTAC electrical components
  • Phenolic board industry double-layer cavity adsorption structure platform +standard configuration automatic coding machine and automatic feeding and unloading device
  • Drilling/saw/angle head can be added (Optional)

Performance Parameter:
Outer Dimension 2600*9000*2350
X Y Working Travel 1220*2440mm
Z Axis Travel >250mm
Working Table Size 1220*2440mm
Max. Running Speed 100m/min
Max. Engraving Speed 30m/min
Repeat Position Accuracy ±0.05mm
Carving Command G Code.uoo.mmg.plt
Working Voltage AC380V/50Hz
Spindle Power 9.5KW Italian ATC Spindle
Spindle Speed 6000-24000rpm/min
Tool magazine 8 Circular Tools+5 Composite Tools
CNC Drilling 9 Vertical Group Drilling
Work Mode Bus Absolute Value Servo Control
Transmission Mode X Y Axis Precision Grinding Rack and Pinion+Z Axis Precision Screw Rod Transmission


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