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6 sets laser machines deliver to Vietnam
4 sets Co2 laser machines and 2 sets fiber laser machine deliver to Vietnam.
FANCH 1325 Wood CNC Router Delivery To South Korea
FC-I6-1D is 4 8 feet cnc router which can do sign making, mdf cutting and engraving, acrylic carving, frame engraving and making etc.
3 axis cnc machine was delivered to Korea
The first delivery in 2017-CNC wood router to Korea
CNC router FC-1313S were shipped to Korea agent
We delivered 1 set CNC router to Korea last week, this CNC router model FC-1313S, configures aluminum work table, stepper motor, with NC studio system.
3 sets CNC router machines were delivered to Kyrgyzstan
We delivered 3 sets CNC router machines to Kyrgyzstan on Dec. These 3 sets CNC machines are double spindle 1325MD CNC router, four spindles 1625SY-4, and rotation spindle 1613SY-4D CNC machines.
CNC engraving machines to Russia
Our dealer in Russia purchased 6 sets CNC engraving machines on Oct..
CNC router 1325W to Korea
CNC router 1325W deliver to our dealer in Korea
One set 4 axis CNC engraving machine to Germany
4 Axis CNC engraving machine was delivered to Germany
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