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The choose importance for stone engraving machine spindle
Because of the characteristics of stone is large, fragile and hardness, different from the woodworking engraving machine, advertise engraving machine and other equiment, stone carving machine spindle, is used for processing stone. Compared with wood, advertising products, plastic foam, stone materials are hard, like metal, so for stone engraving machine spindle, it need to choose the special spindle motor, in order to meet the work requirements. With the rapid development of stone industry, decoration industry tombstone engraving, marble carving work is also more and more, the stone carving machine is more and more high demand, the same quality for engraving machine will have higher requirements. Generally, the stone engraving machine spindle is not less than 3KW, choose the constant power, constant torque of the spindle, better brand . Only in this way, it can meet the requirements for both to lettering, or carved reliefs, 24 hours of uninterrupted carving can guarantee.
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