New Products
Intelligent High Speed Five Sides Drilling Machine with FC-SP-900
Working Area: 900*2500mm Spindle: China 3.5KW manual tool changer Taiwan SYNTEC integration of driver and controller Standard equipped with scanner device
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Exchange Table and Protection Cover
Fiber laser cutting machine FC-3015Q with full protection cover and exchange table Laser: Germany IPG 1500W Cutting Head: RayTools BT240 Control System: CypCut
Carousel ATC CNC Machining Center FC-1325ATC
Carousel ATC CNC Machining Center FC-1325ATC Spindle: China HQD 9.0KW Air Cooling ATC Control System: Taiwan SYNTEC Tool Magazine: Carousel 12 positions
Linear ATC CNC Machining Center FC-1325ATC
Linear ATC CNC Machining Center FC-1325ATC Spindle: China HQD 9.0KW Air Cooling ATC Control System: Taiwan SYNTEC Driver and Motor: Taiwan SYNTEC
ATC CNC Router for Door
Four axis CNC machine
CNC 3D Engraving Machine for Handrail
3D engraving CNC machine-4 axis
Automatic CNC Horizontal Drilling Machine
Ballscrew Transmission CNC Machining Center for Door
High Speed Screw Rod Gantry Machining Center (Casting) ---This CNC machine is high speed gantry moving CNC machining center, it apply for panel furniture machining production line.
High speed 5 Axis table moving machining center
Grabite Slab ATC Stone CNC Machining Center SKD-3216ATC
Working Area: 3200*1550*310mm Spindle: Italy SACCARDO 15.8KW Air Cooling ATC Tool Magazine: Linear 18 positions Control System: Taiwan SYNTEC Application: Kitchen Countertop
5X10ft Linear ATC CNC Machining Center FC-C510D
Working Area: 5'*10' (1500*3000*200mm) Spindle: Italy HSD 9.5KW air-cooling ATC Group Drilling: Italy HSD 9 Vertical Drilling
4 Spindles 3D CNC Router for Wood Carving
Working Area: 1300*2500*200mm Spindle: China 6.0KW*4 air-cooling(standard) Drive System: Shenzhen LEADSHINE hybrid servo Control System: NC Studio 53C(standard)
About Us
Beijing FANCH Machinery Co., Ltd, a high-tech enterprise focus on integration of CNC machine with R&D, production and markets. Enterprise headquarters located in Tongzhou industrial development zone, Beijing, covering 10,000 square meters with two modern production plants.  Major products including CNC machining center, wood CNC router, stone CNC router, 4/5 axis router, fiber laser cutting, CO² laser cutting machine under two brands  dedicated to woodworking, panel furniture, stone, advertising and other industries.All of our products have passed the European CE certification, the National Commodity Inspection and Quarantine of the export commodity inspection license, and ISO9001 certification.We market our products through a strong and comprehensive sales network extending to the global market, including but not limited to the USA, Russia, Europe, Australia, Middle East and South Asia.
Accessories Cooperation
Accessories Cooperation
More+ Latest Case
6 sets laser machines deliver to Vietnam
4 sets Co2 laser machines and 2 sets fiber laser machine deliver to Vietnam.
FANCH 1325 Wood CNC Router Delivery To South Korea
FC-I6-1D is 4 8 feet cnc router which can do sign making, mdf cutting and engraving, acrylic carving, frame engraving and making etc.
3 axis cnc machine was delivered to Korea
The first delivery in 2017-CNC wood router to Korea
CNC router FC-1313S were shipped to Korea agent
We delivered 1 set CNC router to Korea last week, this CNC router model FC-1313S, configures aluminum work table, stepper motor, with NC studio system.
3 sets CNC router machines were delivered to Kyrgyzstan
We delivered 3 sets CNC router machines to Kyrgyzstan on Dec. These 3 sets CNC machines are double spindle 1325MD CNC router, four spindles 1625SY-4, and rotation spindle 1613SY-4D CNC machines.
CNC engraving machines to Russia
Our dealer in Russia purchased 6 sets CNC engraving machines on Oct..
CNC router 1325W to Korea
CNC router 1325W deliver to our dealer in Korea
One set 4 axis CNC engraving machine to Germany
4 Axis CNC engraving machine was delivered to Germany
4 axis CNC router carving sample
Rotation 3D carving sample
FANCH online
FANCH Online